We want our Credit Strategists to give you the best information possible, so we need to see your full credit reports from all 3 bureaus. Think of this as a doctor or a surgeon checking out X-rays or MRI results.

But, who would do this if it cost an arm and a leg?? No one... So, we partner with the TOP Credit Monitoring Company IN THE GAME, to get your reports.

This allows us to create your custom blueprint with the best, most actionable advice to improve your scores rapidly.

After this step, all your prep work before our call will be complete.

*** STEP 1 ***

Click the link below to get access to your full credit report. Once you register with MyScore IQ, close the window out and then share your credentials below.

*** STEP 2 ***

Please enter your credentials for MyScore IQ

below so we can access and review your reports before our call:

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