No Chargeback Agreement


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RE: No Chargeback Agreement 

This No Chargeback Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between , hereinafter referred to as the “Customer,” and BMore Fluent Credence, hereinafter referred to as the “Merchant.” This Agreement is intended to outline the terms and conditions governing the prevention of chargebacks on transactions made by the Customer with the Merchant. 

Purpose - The purpose of this Agreement is to establish a clear understanding between the Merchant and the Customer regarding the prevention of chargebacks. Both parties acknowledge that chargebacks can result in financial losses and administrative burdens, and agree to work together to resolve any disputes or issues that may arise in a fair and timely manner. 

No Chargebacks - The Customer agrees that they will not initiate any chargebacks on credit card or debit transactions made with the Merchant for the products or services provided. Instead, the Customer agrees to follow the dispute resolution process outlined in this Agreement. 

Dispute Resolution - In the event of any issues or concerns related to a transaction, the Customer shall first contact the Merchant’s customer support team at <Merchant’s Customer Support Email/Phone Number> to seek resolution. The Merchant agrees to respond to any Customer inquiries promptly and in good faith, aiming to resolve the matter satisfactorily. 

Refunds and Returns - The Merchant will adhere to a fair and transparent refund and return policy, which will be clearly communicated to the Customer during the purchasing process. In cases where a refund or return is warranted and in line with the Merchant’s policy, the Merchant will process the refund or return within <number of days> of receiving the Customer’s request. 

Chargeback Notifications - If the Customer mistakenly initiates a chargeback, the Customer agrees to contact the Merchant immediately to withdraw the chargeback and provide any necessary information to resolve the issue. 

Mutual Cooperation - Both parties agree to cooperate fully in good faith to resolve any disputes or concerns related to transactions. This may involve providing relevant documentation, information, or evidence to facilitate a resolution. 

Termination - Either party may terminate this Agreement with written notice to the other party. Termination will be effective 30 days after the receipt of the written notice.

Governing Law - This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of
, without regard to conflicts of laws principles. 

Entire Agreement - This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties concerning the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, whether oral or written.